Detox programme


This carefully planned programme for detoxification is due to the drinking treatment with the water Donat Mg unique in the world. The diet programme is based on cleansing the body; it accelerates the elimination of harmful substances from the body and improves the energy balance. MORE

Gastro programme


Great programme to alleviate problems with digestion. Do you have a weakened immune system, do you not exercise enough, do you eat too much too often? Do you feel bloated, have regular indigestion and digestion problems? MORE

Body slim programme

Smaller dimension and body weight / burning of fat deposits and acceleration of metabolism / regeneration of tissue and increased elasticity / strengthening of the muscle system and loose body parts / better flexibility. MORE


The “Anti Stress program with DonatMg” will help you escape from everyday, stressful environment. By switching to different, positive emotions, you will be able to relax the body and spirit, restore inner harmony of your body and reconnect with the outside world. MORE

Rogaska Slatina , hidden among the green hills and endowed with natural mineral water has always been a place for healthy relaxation . The city has been known for several centuries as a haven for health promotion. This tradition is combined with healing water in our spa and wellness center. We promise you a unique and relaxing experience that will give you new strength for the future challenges of life .

In our hotel we have an excellent Vis Vita Spa & Beauty center , which offers a wide variety of procedures , which will completely relax and revitalize . In any case, you have a wide choice of how they want to spend your vacation ; We also offer space for relaxation, luxurious heated loungers, as well as thermal pools with massage jets .

We recommend that you check our latest spa packages as part of special offers , which you get for your money with excellent service and accommodations at our hotel .

If you want to stay in shape during the time of your holiday or business visit, you will have available to us a modern fitness center . Here you will find everything you need for this is that you can be active during your vacation. If you want something different, to give a paradise Rogaška Riviera , where you can participate in water gymnastics almost every day. However, it is also in the vicinity of the hotel many opportunities for various sports activities sports  activities.

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