Rogaška & Donat MG

Rogaška Slatina is now much more than just a healthy retreat. It has developed into a very diverse town, combining old traditions with contemporary modern twists.


Rogaška Slatina is now much more than just a health retreat. It has developed into a diverse town, which combines tradition with lively, contemporary modern touches.
Rogaška Slatina is famous for its centuries old traditions, indicated by excavations and a Roman road which led from Lemberg, passing through Rogatec to Celeia and Petovia – signs that the area was known by the Celts and Romans. From 1803 it started its development from a small village to a modern health resort. In the 19th and early 20th Century, the first hotels were built, namely the Home of Health (now the Grand Hotel) and the main health hall (today’s Crystal Hall).
All the hotels were renovated in 2003 with modern touches and comforts, but they still retain their historic airs. Rogaška Slatina is known for being visited by various Royal families (Habsburg, Bonaparte, Hohenzollern, Bourbon, Obrenović, Karađorđević), aristocracies (Turn und Taxis, Della Grazia, Furstenberg, Windischgraetz, Liechtenstein) and by a host of other important guests (the writer Ber-ta von Suttner and musician Franz Liszt both spent time here).

Hidden and nestled in a green valley, and offering the famous Donat healing mineral water and a mild climate, Rogaška Slatina has always offered its visitors relaxation, peace and well-being. The water’s reputation for healing derives from a report of 1665, which details the recovery of a powerful feudal lord, Peter Zrinski, after he drank it.

The secret of Donat water is its uniquely high magnesium content, which helps cure and prevent metabolic diseases. The healing power of the water is also used at renowned Health centres in the area, which offer alongside it various modern diagnostic and curative programmes.
Today, Rogaška Slatina is an attractive and ideal destination for those seeking health, well-being and peace. The resort is surrounded by beautiful nature and a rich cultural life, which provide tranquillity and restoration. People also visit to meet others and make new acquaintances; visitors are brought together by a shared desire for self-improvement and relaxation.

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