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Donat Mg is magnesium richest mineral water in the world , which is used for medical purposes , and is one of the few that is suitable for continuous drinking.

Donat Mg is recommended for:

  • Diseases of the gall bladder , bile paths condition after surgery gallbladder and biliary tract, chronic diseases of the pancreas
  • Diseases of the liver, abdominal distension
  • Diabetes mellitus , elevated uric acid, high cholesterol – Constipation ( constipation )
  • Diseases of the stomach and duodenum
  • Increased stomach acid (heartburn)
  • Obesity , increased body weight – Cardiovascular diseases – Healthy people to feel better
  • Nerve disease ( stress) , headaches, migraines
  • Magnesium deficiency and an increased need for magnesium ( pregnancy, sport … )
  • Reduce the likelihood of recurrence or occurrence of calcium oxalate, cystine and urate urinary calculi

It is also recommended for normal muscle contraction, including heart muscle. Magnesium itself affects the balance of electrolytes, functioning nervous system and the transmission of nerve impulses, building protein and normal metabolism. Is also necessary for the growth and division of cells as a component of the growth of tissues and for the growth and the structure of bones and teeth. Magnesium content in the natural mineral water Donat Mg is appropriate in cases of increased need for it ( the period of intensive growth in adolescence , pregnancy and lactation ).

Natural mineral water Donat Mg, which dates back some 8000 years has proven healing. Spring water in the depths (between 280 and 600 meters below ground) enriched minerals from dissolving the rock ( magnesium, calcium, sulfates, hydrogen carbonates ) and other elements (CO2) , which relieves or prevents many diseases and protect our health. Due to its chemical composition, physical properties, balneological knowledge and medical findings in Rogaska Slatina for more than 100 years used in therapeutic and preventive purposes. It is characterized by an extremely high mineral content is more than 13 g of dissolved minerals per liter (with CO2), of which the only magnesium more than 1000 mg / l calcium , around 300 mg/l, and contains many other health-beneficial elements and compound.


The role of magnesium:

  • Participates in more than 300 metabolic processes
  • Impact on the balance of electrolytes
  • Necessary for the normal metabolism
  • Required for the normal functioning of the nervous system or the transmission of nerve impulses
  • Necessary for normal muscle contraction , including heart muscle
  • In cases of increased need for it ( the period of intensive growth in adolescence , pregnancy and lactation )
  • Necessary for normal growth and structure of bones and teeth

The role of calcium:

  • Participation in building bones and teeth
  • Transmission of impulses between the nerve fibers
  • Contributes to the effectiveness of muscle contraction
  • Maintaining muscle strength and excitability
  • Participation in blood clotting
  • The activation of certain enzymes and hormones
  • Carbon dioxide – carbonic acid

The role of the carbon dioxide:

  • Gently stimulates bowel movements ( beneficial effect on digestion )
  • Increasing the secretion of gastric juices
  • Shortening the retention of food in the stomach
  • An increase in mucosal blood flow
  • Increase the speed of absorption
  • Increased diuresis ( excretion of water )


 The role of hydrogen:

  • Puferizacija excess stomach acid and prevent heartburn
  • Prevent certain types of kidney and urinary stones ( urate , cystine , and calcium – oxalate )
  • Beneficial effects in lipid metabolism , high holestrolu
  • Positive impact on metabolic disorders (diabetes ) as normalized tolerance of the organism to carbohydrates and lowers blood sugar prevent acidification of the body
  • Positive impact on the normalization and the establishment of the acid- base balance
  • Lowering uric acid ( gout )

The role of sulfate:

  • Sulphates detoxify the body and promote digestion
  • Affect the metabolism of fat and the amount of fat levels ( LDL – lowering holestrola and triglycerides)
  • Participate in building protein
  • In conjunction with magnesium to protect the gastric mucosa
  • Acting laxative in a natural manner (with high capacity to bind water in the large intestine )
  • Facilitate the operation of the pancreas and gall bladder emptying – Normalization of gastric secretion

The role of sodium – bicarbonate waters:

  • Regulation of the water in the body
  • Prevention of lack of sodium
  • The transfer of mineral substances in the body

Other elements

Natural mineral water Donat Mg contains many minerals in lower concentrations or trace . All these elements are important for a variety of metabolic processes in the body and round off the effective functioning of Donat Mg . The effect of Donat Mg on the body can be divided into the effect of natural mineral water Donat Mg on the digestive system and the effect of absorption of electrolytes in the body.

How can we prevent magnesium deficiency ?

It is needed between 300 and 500 mg Mg per day, which means that it is enough to drink three to four glasses of Donat Mg per day. We drink it at room temperature and before eating . The magnesium is better absorbed if it is not mixed with the food.

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Donat Mg mineral water is a balm for body, heart and the vascular system. This guide contains instructions for drinking in various circumstances, such as constipation, heartburn, and it strengthens heart and circulatory system. Read through all benefits of Donat Mg mineral water for your health.

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