popolno telo


Recommended length of stay: 7 days | 14 days | 21 days

Effective, individually adjusted modern slimming.


Programme goals:

Smaller dimension and body weight / burning of fat deposits and acceleration of metabolism / regeneration of tissue and increased elasticity / strengthening of the muscle system and loose body parts / better flexibility.

  • Individual exercise plan and professional help.
  • Use of methods that give proven results.
  • Special power of the drinking cure with Donat Mg.
  • Individually planned meals.
The programme BODY SLIM comprises:
  • A general consultation at the beginning of the programme.
  • Detailed bio impedance tissue analysis (InBody 570) at the beginning and end of the programme.
  • Individually adjusted diet plan.
  • Drinking cure with mineral water Donat Mg.
  • Therapies:
7 days14 days21 days
1x2x3xBody peeling and slimming Algae body wrap50 min
2x4x6xDetox bath20 min
3x6x9xAnti-cellulite massage20 min
3x6x9xAromawickel – deep cleansing therapy40 min
2x4x6xPressotherapy20 min
1x2x3xMedical deep tissue massage50 min
  • Physical activities: exercise in fitness centre, Tibetan exercises for rejuvenation, Nordic walking, exercise in the water, saunas: infrared, steam and Finnish.
Price of the programme:

(only spa treatments)

  7 days | € 399.-

14 days | € 779.-

21 days | € 1099.-

Price of the programme:

included full board
and special BODY SLIM – diet

  7 days | 539.-

14 days | 1059.-

21 days | 1519.-

Accommodation is not included.

The programme is recommended on the basis of full board.  Guests participating in the BODY SLIM programme (in addition to the half-board) surcharge to get BODY SLIM FULL BOARD + 2 X light meal at Grand Café

Prices are valid from 17. 12. 2019. Prices include VAT.


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