The single of the well-known singer-songwriter Antonija Šola, recorded at the Grand Hotel Rogaška, inspires the world


The young singer-songwriter and likeable hit singer Antonija Šola has released a new song called Tvoja (Yours). The song speaks of the yearning for love and affection that every woman feels. Antonija says that the song was written in one go, so we can assume that the singer-songwriter is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, as she has already written more than three hundred pieces. Also in Tvoja she composed text and music, the author of the musical arrangement is Dragan Brnas.

The talented Antonija Šola uses each opportunity to write songs, thus the songs reflect the experiences of the author and describe the songwriter herself. Once again, Antonija under the direction of Igor Vignjević surpassed herself in the fairytale-like crystal hall of the Grand Hotel in Rogaška Slatina, where in his days Franz Liszt performed concerts for Emperor Ferdinand, and Emperor Franz Joseph I celebrated his birthday in this hall. The recording in such a grand room with such a rich history was a special joy for the singer.

The video spot of the song gives an answer to the question of how the song was created. The production of the video represented a creative process of creation, inspiration, soul and emotions, which led to a rapture of joy due to the resulting outcome of the song. In the spot the phases of creation are visible in Antonia’s role of a girl who sees from “outside” what is happening inside the mind and in the soul, guided by inspiration in the state of creation, though the situation also represents the consciousness that constantly outside “at the window of the soul” happens what happens “inside”. Communion and “contact” symbolically occur in the scene at the window when these two characters get to know each other.

The colours and the style of the clothes, which were created by Vesna Sposa, symbolize the different personalities and phases of creation in the spot. So red is playful and dreamy, black is the pain of the singer and deep emotion, gold the sensual woman who dominates and green the ruler of all states and the power over the created work that she creates herself.

With this song Antonija announced her fifth solo album for Croatia Records. We will be able to enjoy the album in the summer of 2018, as well as in concerts all over Croatia and abroad. Antonija has posted on her official Facebook page, that she stayed and enjoyed the thermal baths of the Grand Hotel Rogaška after the creation of this spot, which she likes best of all spots so far. They will also spend part of their holidays in Rogaška.

You can watch the song at this address https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxcUVhkmVvo

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