Recommended length of stay: 7 days | 14 days

Great programme to alleviate problems with digestion.

Do you have a weakened immune system, do you not exercise enough, do you eat too much too often? Do you feel bloated, have regular indigestion and digestion problems? Do you suffer from constipation? We offer you a solution – a combination of chosen therapies and a drinking cure with healing water Donat Mg will help you alleviate problems with digestion and has a tradition of several decades.

  • You will get healthy and healing meals: our diet professionals prepare tasty combinations of gastronomic diet menus.
  • Drinking cure with mineral water Donat Mg: healing and effective drinking cure will clean the body of gathered toxins and waste substances, high levels of magnesium will accelerate digestion, strengthen immunity and raise your energy reserve.
The programme comprises:
  • A general consultation at the beginning of the programme.
  • Detailed bio impedance tissue analysis (InBody 570) at the beginning and end of the programme.
  • Individually adjusted diet plan.
  • Drinking cure with Donat Mg mineral water.
  • Therapies:
    • 2x | 4x healing herbal bath 20 min
    • 2x | 4x mineral bath 20+20 min
    • 4x | 8x fango pack 1 unit
    • 4x | 8x abdominal massage 20 min
    • 2x | 4x lymph drainage 20 min
    • 1x | 2x Moroccan massage 50 min
    • Activities: Tibetan exercises for rejuvenation, Nordic walking, exercise in the water, saunas: infrared, steam and Finnish.
The price of the programme:

7 days | EUR 299.-
14 days |
EUR 569.-
Accommodation is not included.

The programme is recommended on the basis of full board.
Guests participating in the GASTRO programme can pay 20 EUR / day / person (in addition to the half-board) surcharge to get GASTRO FULL BOARD + 1 X afternoon snack at Grand Café

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