At VIS VITA Spa & Beauty we adapt the concept of the care to the individual. Effective treatments restore skin freshness and firmness, giving a fine and radiant appearance.



Body care and body transformation

Body wraps – seaweed

Body wrap with seaweed is an effective beauty treatment. Algae is indispensable in shaping the body, because it makes it strong, reduces fatty tissue and girth and detoxifies. It has a strong moisturising and softening effect on the skin, firms the capillary walls and soothes the skin.

Body wraps – Aromawickel

With an extremely effective method, Aromawickel has an influence on water retention in the body, it increases blood circulation, and effectively reduces the girth, and the amount of cellulite. This is a deep cleansing cure for the whole body, after which you will feel reborn. The waistline girth will be visibly reduced and your skin will be firm again.

Body transformation

Vacuum massage breaks up the fat cells and reduces the amount of fluid and ions in them. Micro needling stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the body. The technique of micro needles stimulates the absorption of active substances for cellulite reduction to 200-fold higher efficiency factor.

Body peeling

The peeling speeds up the natural process of skin regeneration, makes the skin softer and a glowing taint. The active ingredients in care products can thus be absorbed deeper into the skin.

Highly recommended: ANTICELLULITE MASSAGE WITH VACUUM 5 x 45 MIN (€ 199)

Facial care

Facial care products by the recognised Swiss cosmetic house MED BEAUTY SWISS gently and effectively remove and mitigate the effects of aging. At the same time they protect the skin against negative environmental influences, cleanse it and repair it, renew its softness and balance, nourishing and enriching it.

Hand and foot care

The manicures and pedicures nurture, treat and give a pretty look.

Rituals for relaxation

Rituals offer luxurious treatment, pamper, relax and rejuvenate. Wine therapy, rich in antioxidants, rejuvenates. Fascinating chocolate offers sweet relaxation and regeneration.


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