Therapeutic and relaxing massages

Massage is one of the oldest natural methods of healing and preserving health. It relieves stress and tension, improves wellbeing, restores energy, relaxes tense muscles and stretches the connective tissue of the joints. It improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles, stimulates digestion and stimulates the lymphatic system and consequently accelerates the removal of waste substances. It contributes to easier breathing, increases the excretion of waste and toxic substances from the body, through the nerve routes it has impact on the internal organs and regulates their functioning, strengthens the connective tissue and improves skin elasticity.

Highly recommended: THERAPEUTIC HAND MASSAGE OF THE BACK AND LEGS 5 x 40 MIN (€ 159)

Ayurvedic therapy

Ayurveda emphasises the importance of the individual, its singleness and uniqueness. It strives to eliminate the primary cause of the disease and to rebalance the spirit, mind and body. Ayurvedic therapies have positive effects in the purification of the body from harmful substances, improve blood circulation, balance the digestion and soothe.

Hilot therapy

Hilot is a Philippine therapeutic massage that effectively suppresses physical tension and pain. It softens hardened formations in the cartilage areas, tendons and muscles, improves blood circulation, reduces muscle pain, regulates energy and gives a feeling of comfort.


Aromatherapy is a therapy that in combination with individually selected essential oils and massage techniques provides excellent effects in the treatment of stress, improves blood circulation, muscle tension, water retention in the body and promotes a general improvement in mood and health.

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