In our shop you can purchase the professional cosmetics that we use in our treatments; exceptional medical cosmetics Med Beauty, Kurland organic cosmetics and Bioeffect cosmetics. Our experts are on hand to offer consultation and ensure your purchase the right products for you.


Med Beauty Swiss

This combines active medical ingredients with the elements of cosmetics, and in doing so have developed effective products that provide excellent results and are adjusted to each skin type. All the ingredients are made of “health sources”, such as milk peptides, active flavones of soya grains and the extract of the central cells of apples.

Dr Gerny, dermatologist from Zurich and a company founder states: “Our goal is to isolate particular active elements of natural sources, which is why there are no allergic reactions”.

Med Beauty develops active cosmetics (cosmeceuticals) and therapies to prevent premature skin aging, skin pigmentation, problematic skin, and conditions of the skin due to lack of moisture. This special treatment is available only in the  most luxurious hotels. In the Grand Hotel Rogaška we can provide skin therapies against wrinkles and skin problems.

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