We guarantee you will never be bored at the Grand Hotel Rogaška! There’s daily exercises in the pool, a fitness centre and Nordic walking for all our fitness fanatics.


Sports enthusiasts can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and excellent sports facilities. We’ve outdoor tennis courts by the hotel and an indoor tennis hall. In the forest behind the hotel there is a ‘trim trail’ which leads to the top and is great for morning running. During the day you can ride a bicycle, as there are lots of bicycle paths which attract cyclists to the area.


The nearby hills offer a cool shelter from the summer heat, and are perfect for walking trips. By foot you can also reach sports halls and outside courts for basketball and football. In Rogaška Slatina there is also a football pitch, and one of the most modern boules halls in the Central Europe. Just a short drive away there are two golf courses, which are placed in between hills of Kozjansko.  Activities for our younger guests are also taken care of and at the summer pool we have a programme full of fun!


You also have a chance to try out tennis and swimming lessons

We offer tennis lessons for the beginners, advance players and competitive players.

In the starting programme the learners will be informed about basic tennis play from basic hits (forehand, backhand, serve) basic movement (legs) and tennis rules.

The advanced players, or recreational players will be familiarised with new techniques or ball rotation (spin, slice), they will also have the chance to train the advance techniques of leg movements along with the usage of the tennis ladder and skip rope as well as other exercises for body coordination.

The competitive players or advance learners will also be learned about tactic solutions at topmost technique, different exercises to prepare the players to be in the best shape (coordination, speed, power, and endurance) and also psychological advices. There is also possibility of sparing, where the players will put the skills into practice.

The price including tennis court, coach and requisites is 40 € per one hour.


Jasin Napast

Tennis coach with A degree by Faculty of sport in Ljubljana

Swimming lessons at Rogaška Riviera for children and adults: 20 € for 45 minutes (minimal package: 10 lessons).

Additional information and reservation at the hotel reception:

Grand Hotel Rogaška, Zdraviliški trg 11, 3250 Rogaška Slatina, T: ,

E: [email protected], I:

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