ANTI STRESS program with Donatom Mg
01.01. 2018 – 30.12.2018

Stress, depression, and constant fatigue – these are the consequences of numerous negative factors that surround us in everyday life. We usually do not have many chances to avoid these stress factors, whether we are at work or at home. The “Anti Stress program with DonatMg” will help you escape from everyday, stressful environment. By switching to different, positive emotions, you will be able to relax the body and spirit, restore inner harmony of your body and reconnect with the outside world. Our unique natural mineral water DonatMG is proven to help relax and regenerate body and mind. Together with carefully selected treatments of the ANTI STRESS program, drinking of DonatMG mineral water brings enormous benefits to your physical and mental health and represents a unique choice among anti-stress programs.


Program includes:

  • 10  |  14  nights in chosen room
  • Half board in hotel restaruant, breakfast and dinner (or lunch optionally)
  • Free entry to VIS VITA Spa & Beauty: sauna center, fitness studio and thermal swimming pool
  • 1 x per day towels and sheets for swimming pool and sauna in Vis Vita Spa & Beauty
  • Use of bathrobe
  • Free entry to thermal complex of swimming pools Rogaška Riviera (from April till October)
  • Free Wi-Fi internet in room
  • Free entry to Hit Casino’ Fontana
  • Hotel animation programu (morning exercises, water gymnastics, nordic walking, dancing evenings,…)
ANTI STRESS program with Donat Mg includes:
  • General consultation at the beginning of program
  • Precise body and tissue analysis (InBody 570) at the beginning and end of program
  • Drinking cure with natural mineral water DonatMG
  • Therapies:
10  14 days
  1. min
2x2xSPA manual full body massage
  1. min
2x1xIndian head massage
  1. min
1x1xRelaxing bath with jasmine
  1. min
1x2xAlgae wrap
  1. min
1x2xVine therapy60  min
2x3xHilot therapy – Filipino therapeutic massage30  min
  • Physical activities: exercise in fitness centre, Tibetan exercises for rejuvenation, Nordic walking, exercise in the water, saunas: infrared, steam and Finnish.

Magnesium takes part in more than 300 biochemical processes in human organism, it helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion and contributes significantly to electrolyte balance and to normal psychological functioning of our body. Scientists have called magnesium the anti-stress mineral and a salve for the nerves and muscles.

PRICES for ANTI STRESS program with DonatMG and half board

10 nights

1149 €

80 €

14 nights

1709 €


10 nights

999 €

60 €

14 nights

1499 €

Prices are in EUR and per person / program in double room. VAT is included in price.

Extra charges:
  • Tourist tax: 1,27 € per person per day for adults, children 0,63 € per person per day.
  • Additional bed for adults / per person / day / half board, without programme in VIS VITA Spa & Beauty:
  • Premium room:
45 €
  • Standard room:
35 €
  • Extra charge for rooms with park view / per person per day:
  • Premium room:
10 €
  • Standard room:
 5 €
  • Extra charge for            
single room per day:single use per day:
  • Premium room:
20 €30 €
  • Standard room:
15 €20 €
General conditions:

The number of rooms is limited. We reserve the rights to change prices. Free cancellation is possible up to 7 days prior to arrival. Prices are valid from 01.09.2017.



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